Cultivating Knowledge on the Flathead Reservation

  • August 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    More on Forage - The Need for Copper and Zinc Supplementation
    Black Henbane - A Weed of Condern
    Gardening Tips - Blossom End Rot & Veg Storage
    Food Preservation - Salsa Recipes
    ***Insert: Letter from IAC - Come Learn About Our New Farm Bill 
    ***Insert: Produce Safety - Food & Drug Administration

  • July 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    Hay Sampling Across the Flathead Reservation
    Keeping Nitrogen in the Soil and Out of the Water 
    Manure Management
    Food Preservation
    Gardening Tips 

  • June 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    Grasshoppers in Rangeland and Croplands
    Selecting a Bull
    Trichomoniasis Facts
    Nonchemical Disease Control
    ***Watch Out for Yellow Toadflax 

  • May 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    Pretty Flowers Deadly Consequences
    10 Steps to Improved Weed Management
    Keep the Bloom, but Lose the Crab Apples
    ***Insert: Management of Lice on Livestock 

  • Spring 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    FREO Changes Locations
    Your Opinion Matters!
    USDA Organic Pastures
    Calf Scours
    Pesticide Poisoning Concerns
    Updated Spray Drift Language
    Is Your Number Up?
    Gardening Montguides
    Chance to Win Free Books!
    2010 CSKT Extension Survey

  • January 2010 
    Inside this Issue :
    Use Your Mineral Smarts
    Signs of Impending Calving
    Experimental E.coli Vaccine
    Register Now! Gardening 101
    Herbicide Damage
    New Year's Day Resolutions
    Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Make My Pyramid Work
    Riparian Lands and You!

  • December 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Hay Quality & Cow Needs 
    Calving 1st Calf Heifers
    Holiday Poinsettia's
    Holiday Safety
    Recipe Fun
    News: Read All About It
    Winter Storms & Extreme Cold

  • November 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Front Page News
    Effects of Protein Supplementation 
    Forage Testing and Quality
    10 Winter Feeding Tips
    Sheep, Goats & Weeds
    Holidays with Diabetes
    Turkey Salsa Meatloaf
    Let's Talk Turkey Insert

  • September 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Alfalfa Grower: Watch Your Last Hay Cutting Date
    How Shrink Happens
    Farm Storage Facility Loan Program
    Look Out for White Byrony
    Aquatic Plant Management Training
    Food & Fitness Celebration
    Canning & Freezing Mya be in Store
    Is Your Pressure Canner Ready to Go?
    Bag A Waste Free Lunch

  • July/August 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Feed Your Crop & Not the Weeds
    Long Term Pesticide Exposure
    Home Canning & Revised Montguides
    Summer Time Food Safety
    Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Chips
    Extreme Heat

  • June 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Harvesting Your Alfalfa
    The Alfalfa Weevil
    Spring Elk & Summer Cattle Forage
    St. Johnswort
    Well & Septic Systems
    The Buzz About CCD
    Nutrition: Got Milk
    H1N1 Update

    May 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Producers to Meet with CSKT Tribal Council 
    Community Gardening Program
    Support Sustainable Agriculture
    Organic Food Q & A
    Creamed Pasta with Peas & Asparagus 
    How Do You Treat Your Beer?
    Capturing Value with Creep Feeding
    4th Grade AG Days
    CSKT River Honoring
    Canada Thistle

  • April 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Simmer Down Your Cow Herd
    Recovery Act Funding Loans
    Enhance the Sustainability of the Farming Enterprise
    Weed Corner: Common Crupina
    Watch Out for Mountain Pine Beetle
    MPB Workshop
    Early Spring Gardening Questions & Answers
    *INSERT: NAIS--Essential Information About the NAIS

  • March 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Livestock Forage Program Announced
    *INSERT: LFP Factsheet
    Grazing Management for Winter Calving Pastures
    Pesticide Aplicator Training in Pablo
    Rethinking Agriculture to Improve Sustainability
    Perennial Pepperweed
    5 Easy Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste & Save Money
    Recipe: Oatmeal Pear Breakfast
    *INSERT: NAIS--Quick Facts About NAIS Premises ID
    *INSERT: NAIS--Animal Health & Market Access

  • February 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Reading Manure Piles
    Producers Scheduled to Meet With CSKT Tribal Council
    Effect of Body Condition on Beef Cow Consumption of Pine Needles
    NAIS Producer Confidentiality
    Exploring Sustainable Agriculture
    Weed Corner: Yellow Flag Iris
    Gardening 101 Classes
    Senior Homeowner/Renter Tax Credit 
  • January 2009
    Inside this Issue :
    Winter Cold Stress on Cattle
    NAIS and Small Farms Part 2
    Sustainable Agriculture Terminology
    Weed Corner: Sulfur Cinquefoil
    Prevent Freezing Pipes
    Understanding Current Food Lingo 

  • December 2008
    Inside this Issue: 
    Conducting Nutrient Analysis
    Montana Feeder Calf Value
    Biosecurity 101
    NAIS & Small Farms Part 1
    What is 'Organic'?
    Weed Corner: Rush Skeletonweed
    Storing Fall Fruits & Vegetables 
    Made in Montana Gifts

  • November 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    Cattle Producer Socials in Arlee, Pablo & Hot Springs 
    Modifying Fences to Deter Big Game
    Financial and Production Management Training in Ronan
    NAIS: Why Get a PIN?
    Social Sustainability
    Weed Corner: Saltcedar
    Ways to Save Home Energy
    Recipe: Pumpkin or Squash Cookies 

  • October 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    Annual Producer's Meeting
    Pest Management Tour--Pablo
    NAIS: Frequently Asked Questions
    Roots of Sustainable Agriculture
    Weed Corner: Knapweed
    New Weed Seedbank Publication
    Fall Care of Lawn/Garden Equipment
    Recipe: No-Bake Cookies 

  • September 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    FSA Increases Loan Limits
    Classification of MT Agricultural Lands
    NAIS: Myths and Facts
    Saving Energy on the Farm/Ranch
    Weed Corner: Field Bindweed
    Late Summer/Early Fall is Perfect for Planting Trees & Shrubs
    Back to School With Nutrient-Rich Foods

  • August 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    What is Age Source Verification?
    Sign Up for Pesticide Disposal Program
    Pest Management Tour Coming to Pablo
    NAIS: Animal Tracing
    Soil Management
    Weed Corner: Yellow Starthistle
    Lawn and Tree Care for Late Summer/Early Fall
    Home Buyer Education Classes
    4 Smart Ways to Take a Hike
    Recipe: Super Summer Salad Fun 

  • July 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    Pesticide Disposal Program
    Nitrate Toxicity in Forages/Nitrate Testing Available
    NAIS: Animal ID
    What Plants Need & When
    Weed Corner: Purple Loosestrife
    Invasive Weed Management Tool
    New Herbicides
    Pressure Canner Gauge Testing Available
    4 Easy Ways to Enjoy Summer Fun
    Recipe: Creating Smoothies 

  • June 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    Poisonous Range Plants in Montana
    NAIS: Premises Registration
    Elements of Sustainability
    Weed Corner: Houndstongue
    Recycling Program for Products Containing Mercury 
    Balanced Evening Meals for Families 

  • May 2008
    Inside this Issue:
    When to Ship Pregnant Cows
    Prevent Dry Seed Decay in Spring Wheat & Barley
    What is Sustainable Agriculture?: Article 1
    What is the NAIS?: Article 1 of 12
    Grasshopper Control Workshops
    Bio-Energy Production for Farmers & Ranchers
    Summer Programs Offered: MT Range Days, 
    Natural Resources Youth Camp, & Youth Range Camp
    Update on the MT Noxious Weed List (insert) 
    How to Clean Up a Fluorescent Bulb With Mercury
    4 Fun Ways to Enjoy a Family Garden